Tom Dukes - Hillsboro Farrier Service






** Pricing Change**

As of June 1st, 2009 my trims will be $40.00 for all animals except drafts and draft crosses; they will be $50.00.


Full Trim:  $35.00
Front Shoes & Full Trim:  $60.00
Four Shoes & Full Trim:  $130.00

If a horse requires expensive therapeutic shoes, the cost of the shoes will be added to the cost of shoeing.  For example, I use a specialized navicular shoe which costs $8.50.  If a navicular horse is getting a pair of these shoes, the shoeing will cost $77.00.  I do not mark up the price of such items, I merely pass on the cost to the client.
I will keep these prices as long as possible.  It is inevitable that some day my prices will go up.  When they do, I'll let everyone know prior to their next appointment.

If the owner is a no-show or does not call to cancel or reschedule at least one day in advance, a $20.00 fee will be charged.

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